Make-up for medium to dark skin

Cosmetics for a deep to dark skin type

Cosmetics against blemishes on the skin

Professional make up for deep to dark skin

To provide good make-up for deep to dark skin, I use other products than for fair to light skin. Applying make-up on deep to dark skin also requires knowledge and expertise. The colors and style should suit a dark skin tone. When in doubt it is recommended to have the make-up for your dark skin done by a professional Make-Up Artist who has experience with working on deep to dark skin tones.

Because of my experience and knowledge of working with deep to dark make-up products, I apply make-up to dark skin, for example a bridal look with a beautiful result. I only use quality make-up from the best brands. The make up for your beautiful dark skin should stay on all day long. Together we determine which make-up routine looks beautiful on your skin and which leaves you feeling and looking fantastic throughout your day or evening.

Trial make-up for dark to deep skintones

I think it is important that my clients are satisfied with the make up I apply. For bridal make-up and for other important occasions such as photo shoots, you can request a trial make-up for your big day. Then you can be assured that it will be all right on the wedding or shoot day itself. A trial make-up session is very common nowadays. For example, your wedding is the most important day of your life and your makeup needs to be perfect and flawless. It is even possible to try out multiple makeup looks to find out which one is the best makeup for your dark to deep skintone and to find out what you prefer the most. A bridal make-up for dark to deep skin types can be booked for one fixed price of € 225.- The trial make-up is included!


Would you like to be able to apply make up on a dark skin yourself? Then book my workshop with beautiful professional make-up and skincare products for the tan, medium, deep to dark skintones. Get to know the different undertones of dark skin and how to choose and apply the right foundation.

During the workshop you will learn:

* Cleaning and prepping of the face  

* Undertone determination: use warm or cool shades?

* Application of the perfect base make-up.

* Conceal, accentuate and highlight